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Gratitude to these two angels for their spiritual guidance

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man 8


“My dear, how are you?

Sky is still blue,

love is still true,

since you went far away.

An Angel you are,

never shy, never cry,

encourage me to stay hunger and proud.

Your soul, your light,

always accompany me day and night.

 The best way to miss you,

is to spread your love in all I do.

I will stay strong, 

I will keep on,

as I know you will be with me

all life long.

woman 13


“You took my sorrow,

healed my soul;

transformed my life,

nurtured my growth.

What is love?

What is truth?

Inspired me with words

and also what you do.

Thunder in the mind,

stumble on the line,

are just lessons teaching us

to be kind.

Let HIM lead,

let HIM guide,

your words I will always bear in mind.”

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