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Working with Danny was one of the most powerful healing experiences I have had on my journey so far, and I’ve worked with many  other healers in the past.  Danny and I only had 3 sessions over zoom, but in those sessions I was able to uncover emotions and pain that have never seen the light of day before . Danny’s able to create such a safe, comforting, and welcoming space for me to be able to fully surrender and become vulnerable. Not only is Danny extremely empathetic and loving , he is also relatable, hilarious, and insightful. I also think Danny’s ability to incorporate SRT along with the emotional healing is very useful and unique as well.  I would forever recommend Danny if youre ready to do the work and receive major healing and transformations, he is the best !!

- Zhenni @L.A. (written on 12 May 2024)

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